Building Blast Vulnerability & Hazardous Vehicle Mitigation

Blast Vulnerability Assessment of Buildings

SJH Projects can assist you in undertaking a blast vulnerability study of your building or facility. Using experience in testing of building elements such as glazing and combining this with blast overpressure prediction software, we can help you determine what safe stand-off distances you need to create or what additional blast mitigation measures should be considered.

We have undertaken such studies in the UK and abroad for commercial and Government facilities.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Historically, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation has been focussed on preventing a ‘Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device’ (VBIED) from entering a controlled perimeter.  As blast overpressure decays rapidly with distance it, keeping a potential blast away is the best form of protection where space allows.

In recent times, with attacks across Europe, there has been a change in that the vehicle itself has now become a low-tech but effective weapon in its own right. Attacks on crowded pedestrian areas have become an established tactic. Depending on circumstances and damage, the attack might then be continued by dismounted assailants.

The barrier, fence and gate technology used to protect against VBIEDs can be deployed just as well to prevent ‘Vehicle as a Weapon’ attacks.

SJH Projects has actively participated in the UK Government sponsored testing of a novel barrier system which was already in use in Canada. This provided an up-close understanding of the energy associated with such an attack and the most effective mechanisms to deal with it.

With partners, SJH Projects has undertaken HVM assessments of facilities in the UK and abroad, covering the commercial and Government sector. This has covered single buildings to be used in countries with an established threat, to city centre shopping areas adapting to the recent change in threat.

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