Throwback to Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

07/11/18: A throw back, all the way to 2007, when about now, we were filming to support that year's Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. In 2007 the presenter was Dr Hugh Montgomery and he lectured on 'The Science of Survival'. The videos below were used to illustrate how much energy is stored within food. Great to be part of such a prestigious event . Click on Image to watch Video.

Bespoke Vehicle Protection Project

04/09/18: Although there are many tested designs for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation on the market, there are times when you need a unique and novel concept. SJH worked with partners on just such a project. Full Story

Noise Down on the Range

19/04/18: An interesting week supporting the lifespan testing of a novel artillery piece. High speed and low recoil. Lots of detailed data collection for each shot. The difference between messing about and science is writing things down.

European Police Force Now Fully Kitted Out.

01/03/18: The final batch of K9-Safes have gone to a Western European police force to complete the fit out of their dog search vans. The K9-Safes provide physical security and protection from fire for the small explosive samples required for the dogs to undertake their search role.

New Larger Mailsafe - the 200 Range - Now Available

01/02/18: To cater for larger parcels, we have now made the Mailsafe 200 available. This unit is large enough to take 24" x 24" x 24" boxes, as used by many courier firms.

Full Story.

New K9 Explosive Sample Containment Unit Now Available

04/04/16: SJH Projects announces the arrival of its new K9-Safe. This unit was developed at the request of a European police force to provide a more safe and secure means by which to transport the small explosive samples used with sniffer dogs. Full Story

Det-Pads Now Available In Red

12/06/15: For less covert operations and for greater user safety the Det-Pad variants are now available in red. Full Story

SJH Projects Supports Explosives Laboratory Design
19/03/15: SJH Projects has completed a project to design a new Explosive Laboratory facility. Full Story

SJH Projects Exhibits at PASS 2014
24/09/14: SJH Projects exhibited at the 'Personal Armour Systems Symposium' held at Robinson College, Cambridge from the 8th to 12th of September. Full Story

SJH Projects on British Forces News
01/08/13: British Forces News recently filmed a piece on the surrogate limb technology and how it can benefit the military. Full Story


In The News
11/07/13: An article on SJH Projects, focussing on the human surrogate test limbs was in The Independent today. Full Story

New Det-Pad Product Launched
18/06/13: Developed at the request of the user community, Det-Pads provide a way of working near detonators with minimised fragmentation risk. Full Story

Newcastle University use Frangible Surrogate Limb in Research Project
12/06/13: A team at Newcastle University's School of Mechanical and Systems Engineering has just finished a student project looking at improved 'Ankle-Foot Orthoses'. Full Story

Frangible Surrogate Arm Now Available
25/03/13: Now available, the Frangible Surrogate Arm will be used for investigation protection measures for deminers and for the evaluation of injuries in a vehicle blast event. Full Story

Frangible Surrogate Arm in Development
29/01/13: The range of surrogate human parts for the testing of energetic events is being expanded with the development of the Frangible Surrogate Arm - FSA. Full Story

SJH Projects to Exhibit at PASS 2012
10/09/12: SJH Projects will be exhibiting a range of products including the Frangible Surrogate Limbs and Frangible Ballistic Head. Full Story

SJH Projects Ltd Appoints US Distributor
07/07/12: SJH Projects has appointed Life Safety Systems of Santa Cruz, California as its products distributor for the US market. Full Story

Collaboration with Imperial College Blast Laboratory
09/05/12: SJH Projects has collaborated with the 'Imperial Blast' to assess the suitability of the Enhanced Frangible Surrogate Lower Limb (EFSLL) for use comparing protective measures for vehicle IED protection. Full Story

Synthetic Human Limbs Now Available for Landmine and IED Research
21/11/11: The FSL or 'Frangible Surrogate Limb' is designed to mimic the behaviour of a human leg under the rapid loading experienced when you step on an anti-personnel landmine or are in a vehicle hit by an IED. Full Story

Det Cone - New Product Launched.
15/11/11: SJH Projects launches a new product for safely testing the circuit continuity of electric detonators. Full Story

Video is a You Tube hit
21/06/11: One of the videos from the SJH Projects website suddenly becomes very popular on You Tube. Full Story

SJH Projects in the Press
06/06/11: Steve Holland of SJH Projects has contributed to an article just published in the Economist. Full Story

High Speed Fun
13/12/10: After the completion of a demanding test series some less critical targets were used for the high speed camera - mainly to demonstrate its capability. Full Story

Blast Tests Demonstrate Performance of the XPT Mitigation System
06/09/10: A question often posed by vehicle armourers is why they shouldn't just use thicker steel rather than apply the XPT material to their protective system. These tests set out to answer that question. Full Story

Blast Tests to Investigate Lockerbie Bombing
23/01/10: SJH Projects provides support to a series of blast tests to investigate the validity of some of the forensic evidence used in the original trial. Full Story

Mineblast Technology Demonstrator at DVD2009
26/06/09: The Technology Demonstrator prepared last year made its exhibtiion debut at DVD2009 on 24th and 25th June 2009, Millbrook Proving Grounds, Bedfordshire. Full Story

Presentation at Light & Medium Armoured Vehicles 2009
03/02/09: On the 3rd February 2009, Steve Holland of SJH Projects presented a paper at the prestigious Light & Medium Armoured Vehicles Symposium held at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. Full Story

Consortium come together for Defence Vehicle Show
24/06/08: In June 2008 an informal consortium of specialist companies came together to demonstrate their capabilities in the field of vehicle protection and testing. Full Story

SJH Projects participates in Berlin congress.
18/06/08: Steve Holland of SJH Projects participated in an explosive specialist congress organised by Haverkamp in Germany. The event was a mixture of presentations, practical exercises and live demonstrations. Full Story

Presentation at Explosives World 2008
04/05/08: Steve Holland MIExpE of SJH Projects presented a paper the use of the NATO document 'AEP55'. He discussed the benefits of AEP55 in vehicle landmine testing as well as areas in which the document could be improved. Full Story

Poor weather during door tests provides excellent high speed images
20/04/08: The weather during a recent series of blast resistant door trials was typical for Otterburn Ranges - that is pretty foul. The standing water did however gives rise to some interesting images from the high speed camera.                                                Full Story

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures
02/01/08: SJH Projects had the honour of supporting the 2007 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. Shown on Channel 5 in the UK the subject this year was 'Back from the Brink' - the science of survival. Full Story

SJH Projects Delivers Testing to AEP55
30/10/07: SJH Projects can now deliver landmine testing of vehicles to the latest NATO standard. The AEP55 document will become the benchmark for this sort of testing and meeting its requirements is a complex process. Full Story

UK Department of Health, Blast Injuries Expert Symposium
13/06/07: The Bombings in London of July 7th 2005 continue to influence changes in practice and planning for similar events that may happen anywhere in the UK sometime in the future. Full Story

SJH Projects Assists in Vehicle Barrier Testing
31/05/07: SJH Projects participated in the preparation for thet test of a novel vehicle security barrier. This barrier has now past the highest rated tests both in North America and Europe. Full Story

Presentation at PASS 2006
07/12/06: Steve Holland of SJH Projects gave the final technical presentation at the Personal Armour Systems Symposium at the Royal Armouries in Leeds in September 2006. Full Story

London Bombing Presentation at Explosives World 06
23/11/06: Steve Holland of SJH Projects gave a presentation on 'Technical Aspects of the July 7th London Bombs'. Full Story

Bomb & Blast 2004 a success
17/05/05: Steve Holland was a speaker at and co-organiser of Bomb and Blast 2004
held at the Institute of Physics in London. Full Story

Paper given at the European AFV Survivability Symposium
17/05/05: In March 2004 Steve Holland gave a presentation on behalf of AML UK Ltd 
at this prestigeous event at the Royal Military College of Science. Full Story

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