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XPT Panels can be used as an effective blast cladding system. Ideal for mailscreening rooms and explosive storage and processing facilities, it is simple to erect and remove at a later date if required. One of the key benefits of XPT panels is that they absorb a high proportion of the blast. This greatly reduces the damaging effects that take place when reflected blast waves interact. When conditions dictate, the XPT system is further enhanced with ballistic fibre reinforced composite panels. Extensive experience in the use of such composites ensures that the result will be most efficient and cost-effective


SJH Projects can advise and supply glazing film for both blast and ballistic applications.


We have tested a variety of films and framing systems against blast and tested specialist films for ballistic applications, most notably for maritime applications.


Through our associate companies we can recommend and supply solutions to meet a wide variety of customer requirements.

The images below are from a blast performed as one of a series on a test day.

The video below is a specialist film applied to the rear face of maritime glass. The threat was 7.62 x39mm AK47 ammunition.

The still images below show the attack and rear face of maritime glass with film after an attack.


SJH Projects can advise on armour systems for both blast and ballistic applications. The optimum armour is a choice based on a wide range of factors including weight, cost, thickness, stiffness, environmental resistance and usability.


Applications covered include personnel, vehicles, maritime, airborne and static locations. Each has their specific demands and can be catered for from a wide range of material options.

There are different scales for measuring and specifying the performance of armour. The table shown below is the summary given in EN1063.

Ballistic Effects

The video below is a selection of the weapons used during filming day in preparation for a medical conference. The aim was to provide a consistent target - broadly analogous to a human torso and gradually ramp the energy of the firepower. This video has proved to be a popular training aid for police forces worldwide.

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