Containers for Explosives

The containment of explosives, whether as a specific explosives container for temporary isolation or for longer term explosive storage, requires an understanding of the threat. In some circumstances such as transportation the focus is on protecting the explosives contents from outside factors such a vehicle fire. For the isolation of suspect mail the focus is on protecting the immediate vicinity from a detonation of the device within the container.


Our explosive containment and explosive storage products are designed to maximise the protection according to the circumstances and primary threat. The Detonator Containment family of units have been built to withstand an intense fire test in accordance with the UN Hazard Classification system.

Mailsafe Range

These come in two main variants, top opening and front opening. Optional features include security locking, earthing points, inner shelves, legs rather than wheels and brackets for mounting into vehicles. These additional features expand the use to include storage of explosive samples in laboratories and vehicles.


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K9 Explosive Sample Container

The K9-Safe units provide physical security, fire protection and blast containment for the explosive samples used when working with sniffer dogs. Designed to be bolted into the floor of the K9 unit's vehicle.


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Should a device detonate whilst being X Rayed, the body of the scanner will add significantly to the fragmentation. This will increase the potential of the device to damage both people and property. SJH Projects can design a casing for your scanner employing the same  protection technology used in the Mailsafe Range. 


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Containers for Detonators

Detsafe Range

The movement of storage of detonators can create logistical hurdles and added expense. The SJH Projects detonator containers are designed to reduce the Hazard Classification down to the same level as small arms rounds (1.4S). This provides much greater flexibility and safety for all those who have to work with or around such items.


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The Det-Pad system allows key elements of the explosive train to be connected whilst minimising the flash and fragmentation that they can produce. Developed in response to requests from the user community, the Det-Pad system is flexible and adaptable.


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DetCone- Safe Testing of Detonators

The Det Cone is used for the safe testing of detonator circuit continuity. This customer led development is for specialist circumstances in which, once deployed the detonator will be dangerous and expensive to retrieve if it is found not have circuit continuity.


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