SJH Projects manufactures a range of products incorporating its XPT system

Minesafe & XPT

Because of the way in which XPT absorbs blast and dampens accelerations and the through transmission of energy, it is ideal for use on the underside of vehicles. It can be used to enhance the protection of armoured vehicles, such as that shown here, or to provide landmine protection and IED protection to soft skinned vehicles. For soft skinned vehicles the stiffness of the body has to be upgraded, which is best achieved through the use of a roll cage.

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Armoured Fuel Can Holder - Long distance operations in the field often require additional supplies of fuel. The jerrycan is the age old tool for this job, but if such operations are in a hazardous environment the transportation of unproteced fuel on vehicle roofracks is an unnecessary risk. Tested with hand grenades, the armoured jerrycan holder protects both petrol and diesel from close range explosive devices.

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SJH Projects can advise on armour systems for both blast and ballistic applications. The optimum armour is a choice based on a wide range of factors including weight, cost, thickness, stiffness, environmental resistance and usability.


Applications covered include personnel, vehicles, maritime, airborne and static locations. Each has their specific demands and can be catered for from a wide range of material options.

There are different scales for measuring and specifying the performance of armour. The table shown below is the summary given in EN1063.

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