It essential that products designed to protect people and property undergo thorough testing. The staff at SJH Projects have carried out many explosive trials in the process of product development. We can help you exploit this experience to bring your own products to market.



The process starts with a consultation in which the end use and market sector requirements are discussed. Advice is then given on what level of testing, and where necessary, what formal test specifications should be followed. Liaison with the test ranges is then undertaken and all the planning other than test item manufacture is carried out on behalf of the customer. If required, the test footage/photos and data can be edited into a short movie or clips for presentations to potential customers.

Blast Testing

For new and novel products there may not be a relevant test specification. In such a case SJH Projects will meet with the appropriate authorities and agree a protocol that ensures that the test outcome will be accepted as valid for the intended purpose.

Ballistic Testing

SJH Projects can also arrange ballistic tests and assess product durability appropriate to the intended use.

Testing to NATO Document AEP55 Vol 2

During the course of 2007, SJH Projects has developed experience in the use of the draft NATO publication, AEP55. The function of this document is to define the conditions for testing vehicles against the effects of landmines. By closely following the protocols laid down within, researchers around the world can directly compare results. This will lead to a wider acceptance of test results and cut down on the need to repeat tests for different national authorities.


The document is exhaustive in its detail, controlling factors such as the ground conditions, composition of the surrogate landmine, the settings for Hybrid III crash test mannequins, the data acquisition and injury criteria to be employed.


The links forged with test ranges and facility providers has resulted in a team that is now used to working to this complex document and can deliver comprehensive results in a timely fashion.


Test Limbs

SJH Projects has become the distributor for the NATO approved 'Frangible Surrogate Leg' for fast event impact testing. We also provide the 'Frangible Surrogate Headform for blunt trauma and ballistic testing. To see more Click Here.

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