Expedition Support


Over the last thirty years SJH Projects have become experts in Expedition Support and supported many unique and unusual expeditions.


They work in all aspects of Expedition preparation and support including team selection and training, specialist expedition equipment testing and development as well as operational support.


SJH Projects has supported many expeditions for Sir Ranulph Fiennes and most recently 'The Coldest Journey'.


Other expeditions include 'Flight of the Swans' as well as the building of 'Jogpods' and 'Cogpods' for cycling and running expeditions.



Jogpods and Cogpods.

Jogpods and Cogpods - Your key to adventure.

Your home and support system on the road. Proven from the Arctic to Death Valley, Jogpods are changing the nature of long distance expeditions and charity challenges. To see what they can do for you and what features and options are available, Click Here

Specialist Expedition Equipment Development, and Testing

This has covered from amphibious sleds for the Arctic, testing equipment for the largest every medical expedition to Mt Everest to a fully integrated heated clothing system for the first attempt on a winter crossing of Antarctica. New and novel projects are underway for expeditions, yet to be announced.

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Operational Support

There are times in which an experienced head is needed to provide ongoing support to an expedition in the field. This has included long distance driving records and various novel expeditions to remote locations.

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Expedition Team Selections and Training

A fundamental part of the success of an any expedition is the selection of the team members. Most are under consideration for their specific skills, but as important is their personality and how well they mix and contribute to the overall effort. SJH Projects has a well proven process that brings out the required personality traits in a safe, controlled way that is effective but also enjoyed by the candidates. This process is then tuned to the particular needs of the proposed expedition, an example being we have run repeated selections looking just for expedition mechanics.

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