Chappie Hits the Road

07/06/18: After wrestling with Belgrade customs, Mark Allison, AKA RunGeordieRun, wrestled Chappie free and has set off on the next leg of his round the world charity run. This leg is 100 days to Astana, Kazakhstan. So far all the JogPod's systems are working well.

Britannia Award Presentation

17/05/18: Excellent evening at the RAF Club to see Sacha Dench be presented with the Royal Aero Club's prestigious Britannia Trophy by HRH The Duke of York for leading the Flight of the Swans expedition. See More

Hard Training for Geordie and Chappie

18/03/18: Hard training for 'rungeordierun'. Mark Allison, in preparation for the next leg of his around the world run spent a tough, cold weekend training in Northumbria.

The Legacy of Xtreme Everest

17/03/18: An excellent article on the background and ongoing legacy of the 2007 Xtreme Everest expedition can be seen here. SJH Projects supported the early stages of the ground breaking project with extensive kit testing and helping with the first mountain lab build above Chamonix.

This image is from one of the altitude chambers at the Centre for Aviation Medicine at RAF Henlow.

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SJH Supported Expedition Wins Prestigious Trophy.

13/02/18: Sacha Dench, instigator and leader of the 'Flight of the Swans' expedition has won the Royal Aero Club's Britannia Trophy. This is a major achievement and reflects on both the flying skills and challenges as well as the impact the project had in raising awareness along the flyway from Northern Russia all the way back to the UK on the plight of the Bewick Swan. A team led by SJH Projects selected the ground team including the film crew and mechanic. We also advised on the heated clothing required for such a  venture. See More.


Heated Clothing from Coldest Journey Used in Christmas Lectures.

27/12/17: The prototype set of the heated clothing system developed for Ranulph Fiennes' 'Coldest Journey' was used in the Portsmouth University Sport Science Faculty's Christmas Lectures for local schools.

'Walking the Antarctic' with Ed Stafford.

06/10/17: We can now tell the story of a project that in the end didn't come off. How and why will be familair story to those trying to get such ventures off the ground, but the work and research undertaken was challenging and has provided a legacy that is being used today.

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First Training Run is a Great Success

02/10/17: The first training for 'Run Geordie Run' and Chappie' has proved the benefits of a well branded Jogpod and vindicated the plans to undertake the next leg of his round the world unsupported by a crew and vehicle.

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Jogpod Handover for 'Run Geordie Run'

21/09/17: A new Jogpod has been handed over to Mark Allison aka 'Run Geordie Run' for the next stage of his round the world run. We will follow the adventures of this new Jogpod, already known as 'Chappie'. Full Story


Slick Chick is handed to Rosie

27/04/17: Rosie Swale Pope has taken charge of a new buggy which will become her home when in the UK, travelling around and completing the book of her epic crossing of America.

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New Buggy for 'Run Geordie Run'

01/02/17:  We are plased to announce that we will be building a new, latest generation, buggy for Mark Allison who will be setting out on the next stage fo his charity fundraising run around the world under his 'Run Geordie Run' banner.

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Rosie and Ice Chick Complete USA Run

29/12/16:  Rosie Swale Pope and her buggy 'Ice Chick' have completed their run across America.


The Pacific Ocean was chance to cool down after running across Death Valley and Southern California.

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'Flight of the Swans' Safely Home

13/12/16:  The ambitious 'Flight of the Swans' expedition is now complete. Pictured here is Steve Holland with all those team members who had been candidates in the selection run back in March.

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Helping the Scott Polar Research Institute

05/12/16:  Steve Holland visited the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge to provide some technical support on the Polar Sled recently donated by Sir Ranulph Fiennes

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'Flight of the Swans' Well Underway

31/10/16:  The 'Flight of the Swans' expedition is now well underway and is doing an amazing job in raising the profile of the Bewick Swan and its migration.

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Rosie Crosses Death Valley

30/10/16: Rosie Swale Pope has crossed Death Valley in America whilst celebrating her 70th birthday. The SJH Projects designed Ice Chick is still going strong. Full Story

02/04/16: Over the weekend of 12th and 13th of March a team put together by SJH Projects ran a selection weekend for the upcoming ‘Flight of the Swans’ expedition. Full Story

Rosie Gets Her New Buggy
15/06/15: We are pleased to be tell that after using it on the Likeys 6633 Ultra, Mike DeNoma has passed his lightweight buggy onto Rosie Swale-Pope. Full Story


Race Buggy for the Likeys 6633 Ultra-marathon
20/03/15: SJH Projects was commissioned with very little time in hand to design a specialised race buggy for the Likeys 6633 Ultra-marathon taking place in the Canadian Arctic in March 2015. Full Story

Extreme Clothing Research in the Media
12/02/14: Research undertaken by SJH Projects in support of the Sir Ranulph Fiennes led 'Coldest Journey' is discussed in a article in the US publication Popular Science. Full Story

Coldest Journey Team Return
17/12/13: The Coldest Journey team have now all returned to the UK after the first ever attempt to cross Antarctica in Winter. In the end the need to shuttle part loads over unexplored crevasse fields was too much for the fuel budget. Full Story

Coldest Journey Ice Group Now On Their Own
03/02/13: Earlier today the SA Agulhas icebreaker left the Coldest Journey team lead by Sir Ranulph Fienneson the ice shelf at Crown Bay, Antarctica. Full Story

Coldest Journey Expedition Underway
10/12/12: With the departure of the expedition's ship, The 'Coldest Journey' is now underway. Full Story

SJH Projects Supports Coldest Journey on Earth
12/09/12: SJH Projects has been instrumental in the equipment research and team selection for Sir Ranulph Fiennes' next major project - the frist winter crossing of Antarctica. Full Story

SJH Projects Supports Major Expedition Research
23/02/12: SJH Projects is leading the research into equipment and clothing for the members of the team that plan to undertake a major Polar challenge. Full Story

Presentation to Inspire the Next Generation of Scientists
03/11/11: Steve Holland of SJH Projects was invited to take two back-to-back science themed assemblies at Wilsthorpe Community School in Long Eaton. Full Story

London to Cape Town Record Broken
01/11/10: A British 3 Man Team has broken the 40 year old London to Cape Town record with support from SJH Projects. Full Story

SJH Projects Runs UK Operations for World Record Attempt
18/10/10: SJH Projects is running the UK Operations for an attempt on the London to Cape Town driving record. Full Story

Expedition Training For Africa
28/09/10: SJH Projects put together a team and a programme to deliver training and team building to an upcoming expedition to Africa. Full Story

No Bus to Beijing
23/05/08: In April 2008 SJH Projects was heavily involved in the selection process for London Bus drivers to drive a red double decker bus overland to Beijing to be part of the handover ceremony at the Olympic Games. Full Story

Kilimanjaro Selection Weekend
25/10/07: Steve Holland of SJH Projects recently ran a selection weekend for both disabled and non-disabled candidates for a planned ascent of Kilimanjaro in June 2008. Full Story

Rosie does New York
18/10/07: Almost four years to the day that she set off from Tenby, Rosie Swale Pope has reached New York with 'Charlie' her buggy designed by SJH Projects. Full Story

SJH Projects designed trolley proves invaluable on world trek
16/05/06: A glassfibre trolley that quickly converts to a sled is being used by
grandmother Rosie Swale-Pope on her epic journey to run around the world. Full Story

Rosie Receives New Trolley
16/05/06: Rosie Swale-Pope is running around the world, raising money fro charity. Going with her are trollies designed by SJH Projects. Full Story

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