Ed Stafford - Adventurer and Explorer

With reference to the 'Walking the Antarctic' project.


Working with Steve Holland and his associates was fun and easy. They draw from a wealth of experience and are good guys too. Of course I’m gutted that we failed to get the corporate sponsorship needed to go ahead with the expedition but the planning anf technological research was hugely enjoyable and fascinating in itself. If our paths cross again in the future on some future daft venture or attempt then that would be great.

Sacha Dench - Human Swan

SJH Projects did an incredible job of helping me to select my volunteer ground crew, a team that not only survived three months of intense work together but became a tight knit unit despite considerable challenges, delivered a pioneering project beyond my expectations, and will probably be friends for life.

Their considerable experience and contacts meant that within three days we took a bunch of unknowns, put them through a series of challenges that pushed them in many ways, allowed us to quickly see the true characters, but was also great fun for all involved, especially the candidates.

But their contribution didn't end there. They introduced us to experts and suppliers that turned out to be vital sponsors of Flight of the Swans, from technical clothing to research and medical experts and logistics professionals.

I can't thank them enough for all the support and opening my eyes to the many things I hadn't considered so I had plenty of time to deal with them.

Invaluable in turning a mad idea into a successful expedition.


Sir Ranulph Fiennes Bt OBE

Steve Holland has supported expeditions of mine since the mid-1980s. Latterly this has been through SJH Projects. Steve has worked on the development and testing of equipment and on a number of occasions has run team selection and training for me.

The earliest project was kevlar amphibious sleds for record breaking attempts to reach the North Pole unsupported. The most recent of note was an extended involvement on the 'Coldest Journey' with cold chamber and field tests of novel heated clothing solutions and the selection of the team mechanics to keep the Caterpillars functioning in an Antarctic Winter.

If your expedition has technical challenges or you are looking to choose the right people I would suggest that you talk Steve Holland and SJH Projects.


Bhubesi Pride - Rugby in Africa

Steve delivers a meticulous and all-encompassing program for virtually anyone heading out on expedition. I’d like to think what we do in Africa is pretty unique, but not in Steve’s world.

Whilst he has the utmost respect for what your team is trying to achieve and takes time to understand your goals, Steve’s been there and done it with so many that when he comes to work with you, your people feel a sense of great assurance that their expedition preparation is fully catered for.

Orientation, risk assessment, situation management, driver training, outdoor pursuits; there’s nothing Steve hasn’t done or won’t venture into to help you and your team. I strongly recommend anyone to build a working relationship with Steve’s business, it’s well-planned, friendly and professional. Enjoy it!

Richard Bennett – Founder, Bhubesi Pride

Rosie Swale-Pope MBE

The SJH Projects trolleys and buggies are absolutely unique and fantastic. They are the BEST in the world in every way especially regarding clever innovation and versatility.

I should know!

I ran around the world, circling the globe pulling Hercules, Silver Dream Machine AKA Charlie and Icebird, each adapted for the special situations in different parts of the world. Hercules, toughest of the tough survived being crashed into by a bus in Siberia .  He could be fixed only because the shafts and fittings were built of steel the only material you can get welded in Siberia!

Beautifully and lovingly designed and built - a master class in toughness, all my Steve Holland buggies have saved my life in extreme conditions. Above all, by providing immediately access to shelter and also  by enabling me to carry food over long distances when nothing was available to me except what I carried.

 I am currently running across America with the gorgeous carbon fibre Ice Chick!

 All the buggies are still fine even after the hardest long term use.  Each was adapted for the special circumstances in which it was used - and I love them dearly.

Incidentally Ice Chick, generously donated to me by Mike DeNoma was built for a  race in the Arctic - but now is coping just as well with temperatures of 117F - I am writing this curled up in the buggy at 5am in Arizona before setting off on another day soon to be boiling hot.

 Ice Chick is more than a buggy or trolley to me now she is my precious home and brilliant best ally for survival in temperatures that are exceptional in Arizona this summer. Thus, I am fit and well and able to use the heat and extra hard conditions as good training for Death Valley - where I shall be spending my 70th birthday in my beloved Ice Chick this October.

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